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Managing life bank and survival game -- 04 「經營生命銀行」與「生存遊戲」04

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Managing life bank and survival game   -- 04

Author :Chang Kai-Chi

The earth is a product of nature. All species on earth are also products of nature. Human beings are one of the species of the earth and certainly a product of nature.

According to scientists, life on Earth has appeared about 4 billion years ago. During the past 4 billion years, with the change of environment and random arrangement of the various genes, coupled with the elimination of natural selection, creatures on the Earth become ever-changing, all kinds of things -----

However, from the beginning of life, in order to grow and survive, the competition and unconscious, ruthless engulfing has begun.

Since the earth has had life, it has become a "killing battlefield". In fact, it is originally "unconscious". At least before all kinds of higher organisms have "consciousness", killing and consuming are not known to be silent and natural. Billion years.

To explore the meaning of life, we must have a very macroscopic view, not only to be able to see such a vast and long-term, but also to accept this fact with humility, there is nothing to sigh, because the truth of the facts is the case. Nature is nature. Nature does not care what small humans think. Nature does not care whether human like it or not? Nature does not care if Human believe the truth or not.

Human, the special species, are mistakenly misunderstood. How Human can climb to the status of today, become the highest level of the food chain, can dominate the earth, and even dominate the survival of most other species, which is combination of a series of accidental and some luck.

All life of the earth is in the process of competition and killing, in order to survive, to multiply itself and expand the ethnic group. How can human beings be the only exception?

After humans separated from the evolutionary tree of primates, they may have retained the habit of jungle herbivore at first and were later forced to change by the harsh environment. After leaving the jungle and entering the grassland, life and survival were even more difficult, so they had to It becomes omnivorous and almost certain; ancient humans are even poor scavengers.

However, compared to other animals that know how to use tools (such as orangutans, beavers, crows, eagle---), humans know how to transform tools and thus create tools.

Because of this, humans entered the "Old Stone Age" more than 2 million years ago. Starting from that time, Human start making tools by tapping. About 10000 years ago, Human learned making tools by polishing the stone, which enable human to make more elaborate tools. These two different methods of making tools are also the criteria for   Paleolithic and Neolithic.  (It is worthy of our modern people to think more about how hard it is for our human ancestors to mix a little food to wrap their belly and hunger. It took 2 million years to hit the stone as a weapon to survive.  So the later generations can climb to the highest level of the food chain. Most people don't have to struggle so hard to survive. What are our qualifications to pick and choose? Are you vegetarian? Is the parent of Emperor Liang Wu vegetarians? Were Sakyamuni and his parent vegetarians? The human beings have been omnivorous for a long time. Those who are willing to downgrade to vegetarian are really stupid. By force themselves vegetarians, they become more paranoid.

Tools, of course, are all created, adapted, and used for life and survival. At first, they may be used to open some shells of nuts and knock out the bones of some animals in order to extract the calorie and nutritional value. marrow. Then, the tool quickly became a weapon. Because the weapon are even sharper than the teeth of the beast, the human being was finally able to become a member of the "predator" and then gradually became one of the best.

Human beings have become the real "killers" of all primates. From the primitive people's use of stone tools, weapons-based tools have always been the absolute condition for humans to dominate the earth's species throne. Nowadays, an advanced rifle can be used for hunting.  Although rifle is totally different than original stone weapons, they are essentially the same in nature. They are used to kill, and the killing is to obtain food or fur as clothing. Fat could be used as a lighting fuel, and Bone/teeth can be used as a material for other tools or decorations.

Human compassion and sympathy are the products of socialization. After the high degree of civilization, in addition to the substantive meaning, it adds the meaning of psychology, culture and even religion.

However, we must not put the cart before the horse, need understand which one is cause, and which one is result.

We know exactly that we are the products of nature. All species in nature, whether in the same or heterogeneous, compete for the right to subsistence, there is never any "mercy and sympathy" at all (usually it is more obvious when it comes to heterogeneous competition). There are no exceptions for Human.

Therefore, the most important cognition is that human "compassionate sympathy" is limited to the scope of human "social people", especially under the norms of "rules of the game" in human society and can only be applied in a limited manner.

Standing as a person in the natural environment, competing with other species, it is impossible to apply the “mercy and sympathy” conception to everywhere.

In short, it is only in human society that we can talk about " mercy and sympathy ", or it is even fine you don’t Advocate or obey such rules. Sympathy is not an inevitable phenomenon in nature. Therefore, of course, you cannot use sympathy to surpass the natural competition. Please do not apply such “sympathy” to frame the whole universe, or create an illusory and ridiculous idol - God, Buddha, Bodhisattva! It is ignorant to worship and pray for this phantom that is impossible to appear in nature.


























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