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"Stockholm Syndrome" Type 2 (Part 2) 『斯德哥爾摩症候群』第二型(下篇)

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"Stockholm Syndrome" Type 2 (Part 2)

Author :Chang Kai-Chi

In the religious scams or psychic scams, there are also many "Stockholm Syndrome Type 2" cases.

Any kidnapping or hostage-holding cases we heard in our daily lives refer to the physical essence. However, most of the religious and psychic scams are "psychological" kidnappings.  There is few cases that hostages are both psychologically and physically held by the kidnappers (for example, the Heaven's Gate in the United States, the large-scale forced suicides in the Peoples Temple Guyana, and Japan's Aum Shinrikyo).

Although there are lots of case that physical bodies were kidnapped too. These cases were started with the “mental kidnapping” first. The leader of the swindlers, or the head of the swindler, have following two characteristics:

a) The leader is a very famous/popular man, such as the leader of some new religions, whether they are suppressed or slammed by traditional religions. They can rely on the three-inch tongue and strong propaganda techniques, especially a large number of fake miracles. These “miracles” include fake/artificial photos, fake video, or fabricated story about the miracles done by the leader. By repeating these fake “miracles”, some disciples were convinced by brainwashing. These disciples turn to salesman of the new “religion”, they donate money to the organization, or work as volunteers and introduce the “new religions” to their friends, classmates, and relatives. They were always able to attract some people who are eager for miracles,

b) As the second type, the swindler is not famous. He may work in a temple, or other religions organizations. He is pretty familiar with all the religion/ psychic terminology. Certainly, he has a good oratorical skill. He will convince the victim that he has the special power to communicate with God/Gods/Ghost.  In fact, some of these swindlers sometimes are able to communicate to ghosts. The swindler claims he is the spokesman of God, and pass God’s word to human. He doesn’t only request the victim believe these words, but also require do whatever he told the victims/disciples.

Other than a) and b), some swindlers start with “devil/demon”. These swindlers will use everything they know to scare the victims, such as “Some ghosts are following you”, “You are in bad luck circles for the next month”, “Most likely you will have a car accident during next week”, and “You family are in trouble”. Anyway, you need do sth to avoid these bad luck things, and the swindlers claim they could help you to change your luck, to avoid these bad situations. For some pretty lady, the swindler will tell her that she will have two husbands in her life, or a lascivious ghost is following her. Anyway, only the swindler could help her, and the way to change the bad luck is to have sex with the swindlers. A lots ladies lost money and body to these swindlers in that way.

Now let’s look into these cases.  Were these victims physically kidnapped or forced by gun or knife? Of course not, they are all conquered from the psychological level.  The victims give up their defense and did these things voluntarily.
Among these cases, because victims’ personality, knowledge, social experiences, and religious beliefs are all different, it is certainly not the same in mentality at the time of the event and afterwards, but it can be roughly divided into three types:

1) With the help from friends and relatives, the victims realized it is a cam. The victims wake up and repent. They may choose to keep silent, forgot the past, or fight back. Some of them take legal actions and prevent the cam from continuing to harm the society. These are good, and we will not discuss these cases in this article.

2) The victims completely believe the swindlers. They just believe the swindlers as God. They like do whatever the swindler told them, and the victims believe that the best way to get eternal life or get better future for the next life. No matter how ridiculous the work from the swindlers (such as the actual performers of Aum Shinrikyo's sarin gas attack), or how cruel the task, they never doubt, never resist, just simple obey order from the swindler.

3)   Originally the victims have some suspicion.  After the loss of money, body, time and mentality exceed his threshold, he cannot face the truth that he has been deceived. He uses all kinds of excuses to justify the case to cheat himself.  The victim has very typical "Stockholm Syndrome”. He believes everything the swindler told him and try his best to justify the swindler’s order. The victim will try his best to please the swindlers, donate more money, do more volunteer work. (Some ladies even help the swindler to seduce more women). In order to prove that they are not wrong, the victim will convince more people to join, even brag or exaggerate the swindler’s special power. He even fabricates lies about miracles done by the swindler.  By doing all of these, the victims could strengthen their confidence. ((In fact, there are many powerful missionaries are in “Stockholm Syndrome”. They try their best to persuade more people to join their religion. As more people join the religion, they could get more confidence.)

In some special cases, the victims realized they have been deceived. Since they worried about the swindler may have some special power, or they made promise that never betray the swindler, they are in similar situation as “Stockholm Syndrome type 2”. Let’s make comparison here:

•The hostages (Believers) must have real feeling that the kidnappers (religions leader/swindler) threaten their own survival (safety and luck).

• In the process of being held hostage, the hostages (believers) must understand that the kidnappers (religious leader/swindler) may do some small favor (believe that religious leader/swindlers give them luck and resolve the bad luck and disaster).

•In addition to the single opinion of the kidnappers (religious lead/swindler), the hostages (believers) must be isolated from all other points of view (usually believers are required to swear to the God that "I will not leak the top secret", or they will be severely punished by the God/Gods).

•The hostages (Believers) must believe that it is impossible to escape (the God is boundless in universe, the leader/swindler is supernatural, and it is useless to escape to the ends of the earth).

And usually Stockholm Syndrome will go through the following four major stages:

Fear: The current situation has changed because of sudden coercion and intimidation.

Worry: Staying in an uneasy environment, both body and mind are threatened.

Sympathy: The long-term relationship with the defender recognizes that the other party has acted in a way and has not been directly harmed. (except for paying and having sex with the leader/swindler)

Help: Give the kidnapper invisible help, such as cooperation, do not escape, plead to the judge during trial. (The believers/victims believe everything the swindler told them and find reasons to justify these lies. The believer even persuades more people to join the organization, and fabricate/exaggerate the swindler’s super power, even most of the stories are just lies)

Let’s think about it. Some middle-aged people who have been living in the society for many years will still be deceived, not to mention that some young men and women who have no living experience for the society. In order to be able to seek help from God and to avoid bad luck. would rather line up for half a year and spend more than 100,000 to get good luck. Will they be dubious? Will they believe that the religious leader is a swindler? Or could they face the truth that they have been deceived? Absolutely Not. So, this is the typical patient of the “Stockholm Syndrome type 2”.

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