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"Stockholm Syndrome" Type 2 (Part 1) 『斯德哥爾摩症候群』第二型(上篇)

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"Stockholm Syndrome" Type 2 (Part 1)

Author :Chang Kai-Chi

If you understand the psychological term "Stockholm Syndrome", it's great. If you didn’t hear about it before, it doesn't matter. Please refer to the "References" in the appendix for a brief overview. I thought about it for a while and found that some people have a strange "mental status", not about genes or diseases, but a personality trait that is particularly prone to obvious effects, because there are no proper nouns to describe. In summary, it is very similar to "Stockholm Syndrome", but it is not exactly the same, so it is temporarily named "Stockholm Syndrome Type 2"; Let us first look at some relevant cases, it is easier to understand this psychological state.

In Taiwan, the tricks of fraud in recent years are really ever-changing. These swindlers are always innovating but the most common and time-honored, most popular is the "congratulations on winning" trick, and the success rate and fraud amount of this name They have always been at the top of the list;

Usually, the victim will receive a "winning notice" first, but now it is a "winning newsletter" or directly call someone to name the report "Congratulations for winning!", although you have never participated in any lottery, etc. Waiting for activities, it doesn't matter, the fraud group will always try to convince you; they are from the phone book, handling all kinds of documents, or the usual information such as ID card, driver's license number, etc., picked up by the random number of computers. Your "Cosmic Super Invincible Lucky" will usually say that you have a prize of 700,000 or 900,000 (and there will be some fractions. Because it is an event hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, it is converted into Taiwan dollars in Hong Kong dollars. There must be a fraction of the number after the actuarial calculation, so it is easier to make victim believe it), then they will arrange various roles to play, and eager to provide several calls, including the organizer, certified lawyers, etc. for your verification.

When you finally unload the initial defense, feeling a little dizzy, and you are dubious ready to receive the bonus. Probably you started making a little plan how to spend the accidental wealth that fell from the world. The problem is coming, the amount of the prize is not that big, not small neither, but they will not send the money to your home directly. You must have basic personal information and a bank account, and you must pay 15% of the tax first. This is stipulated by the government of the Republic of China, it is same even you won the prize abroad, so if you assume that you have won 800,000 bonuses, you must first pay a tax of 120,000 yuan.

Of course, before the lottery authority remit from Hong Kong to you, you must first pay a tax of 120,000. Because it is a cross-border relationship, the tax rate is different, and the two parties have no formal diplomatic relations. The organizer cannot withhold the income tax, so you must pay the tax will be paid first. After being handled by the Taiwan branch, the official documents of the Taiwan tax authorities will be sent to Hong Kong for review before the full bonus can be remitted to you -----------

If you start to doubt the prize, or if your family and friends don't believe it and stop you to "pay taxes." then there won't be a series of "symptoms" after the scam. However, the fraud group(swindlers) are well trained. Of course, they will try their best to make you believe that you really won the prize.

Thinking about there is always a risk for any business, most people treat it as gambling. They first pay the tax in advance, waiting for the prize to come in, and then how much total they will gain after the deduction of tax. Vow! There are still 680k! Buy a new domestic car, there is still left, and even buy a small diamond ring for his wife, Ha! awesome!

However, after paid 120,000 tax, it is silent, there is no update after that. After waited for a while, they call you! “wow! Great congratulations, I have never seen a lucky guy like you, you are the super lucky one!”

---- what happened?

congratulations! Your original bonus was not received in time because of the multinational operations. Therefore, the organizer used the bonus of you and a few other winners as the bet for the annual competition. The result is really damn good. You are the only winner of the serial winning prize, which has accumulated 7 times, which is equivalent to 5.6 million Taiwan dollars!

Then, of course, you will inevitably have some doubts. It doesn't matter. The fraud group has a complete set of "cheating recipe", so there will be a lot of “powerful people” appear to prove it, and even a lot of beautiful written proofs will be mailed to you. so that you can fully I believe that you are really lucky, cannot resist the fact that you are just the lucky one.

5.6 million Taiwan dollars! Enough to buy a house!

Again, you have to pay taxes and some fees first, you must first pay in advance of 780,000 to fully receive the 5.6 million----------

mind was in a turmoil

So, at same time, your mind is in a turmoil. Is that a scam? Is there such a good thing that will happen to me? The chance of that should be lower than lightning strike!

It’s hard to say oh; how little is the chance, there is always a lightning strike every day? And look at the various lottery colors in Taiwan. Every week, there are people won the prize, and even one person won hundreds of millions dollar!

In fact, the most important key come to play. Before that, I have already remitted 120,000 to them. If I refuse to pay the 780,000 for now, then it is a waste of effort. Even the 120,000 will be confiscated, and the loss will be more than 100,000. Therefore, the so-called "Stockholm Syndrome Type 2" officially began to ferment at this time, after the parties' hearts have turned around and suffered, they finally chose to believe the case, try one more time, just like gambling.

Many people are in this psychological role, and finally they have been deceived again and again, and at last they have remitted more than ten times. The total amount has accumulated millions or even tens of millions of " hard-earned money ". People who have a clear head can't figure out how "what would be such a stupid person in the world? ? ?

However, there are really no such stupid people. In fact, people who are deceived are as normal as you are, but once they were in the second type of "Stockholm Syndrome", they will become very abnormal and their behavior will be completely unreasonable. Moreover, each time the person is defrauded, and the money was remitted. As the amount increases, the confidence of the “winning prize” case will increase. In the end, even he got totally lost, even the family and friends detect the abnormality, and the dissuasion/communication is useless. Even The police’s participation in the dissuasion also made him unable to change his mind, and even shouted at the police, arguing that the police were limiting his freedom.

--- why? Were they drugged? Was it enchanted?

Neither! The real key is the feature of "Stockholm Syndrome Type 2". The victims are not willing to believe that they have been deceived! In particular, the more times the money is remitted, the greater the amount, the more he dare not face the truth, instead "selectively ignore the various warnings", deliberately avoiding doubts, the more self-hypnosis believes that he is not so unlucky, he Not so stupid, even when the mind is slightly vigilant, he also quickly swayed, trying to keep betting, hope that there will be a miracle, and finally win tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of gold, you can show off to family and friends : Look! I am not stupid! Waiting for a long time is mine! You didn't believe me at the beginning, I thought I was stupid, I was deceived, look! Now a lot of money is in front of you? Envy?

This is the mentality of the " Stockholm syndrome type 2". They will increasingly believe in swindlers, and finally become addicted to the scam. Nothing in the world could change their mind.

The key of the problem, these victims are just like the gambler who lost money in casino, and desperately want to make that money back. They play again the winning probability of casino. In some underground casino, they are playing against someone who have a card up his sleeve.  These gamblers just refuse to acknowledge the loss, so at last they will lose everything.

Some cases similar to “Stockholm Syndrome Type 2” exist in religions and psychic scams.  These victims either lost money or deceived to have sex with the swindlers. These are bad, but not the worst. For the worst case, there are two kinds of situations:

a) After lost money to the swindlers, the victims force themselves believe that the swindler are someone with super power. They cannot face the truth that they are deceived. These victims even tell others that the swindlers really have super powers.

b) The victims realized that they got deceived, either money or sex. But they victims worry about the swindlers have some special power, or the victims promised to God that “I will not betray”. The victims just keep silent, other than fight back.

More details about that, will be discussed in next article, to be continued.


Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These alliances, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims. The FBI's Hostage Barricade Database System and Law Enforcement Bulletin shows that roughly 8% of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.

This term was first used by foreign media in 1973 as eponym when four hostages were taken during a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. The hostages defended their captors after being released and would not agree to testify in court against them. Stockholm syndrome is ostensibly paradoxical because the sympathetic sentiments captives feel towards their captors are the opposite of the fear and disdain an onlooker may feel towards the captors.

There are four key components that generally lead to the development of Stockholm syndrome:

•A hostage's development of positive feelings towards their captor

•No previous hostage-captor relationship

•A refusal by hostages to co-operate with police forces and other government authorities

• A hostage's belief in the humanity of their captor, for the reason that when a victim holds the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.

Stockholm syndrome is considered a "contested illness", due to many law enforcement officers' doubt about the legitimacy of the condition. Stockholm syndrome has also come to describe the reactions of some abuse victims beyond the context of kidnappings or hostage-taking. Actions and attitudes similar to those suffering from Stockholm syndrome have also been found in victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, discrimination, terror, and political and religious oppression.

And usually Stockholm Syndrome will go through the following four major stages:

•Fear: The current situation has changed because of sudden coercion and intimidation.

•Worry: Covered in an uneasy environment, both body and mind are threatened.

•Sympathy: The long-term relationship with the defender recognizes that the other party has acted in a way and has not been directly harmed.

•Help: Give the instincts invisible help, such as cooperation, do not escape, appease, etc.; or tangible help, such as assisting to escape, telling the judge, fleeing, etc.
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1973 年8月23日,兩名有前科的罪犯 Jan Erik Olsson與Clark  Olofsson,在意圖搶劫瑞典斯德哥爾摩內最大的一家銀行失敗後,挾持了四位銀行職員,在警方與歹徒僵持了130個小時之後,因歹徒放棄而結束。然而這起事件發生後幾個月,這四名遭受挾持的銀   行職員,仍然對綁架他們的人顯露出憐憫的情感。本案因歹徒放棄而結束,然而所有的被害者在事後都表明並不痛恨歹徒,並表達他們對歹徒非但沒有傷害他們卻對  他們多所照顧的感激,並對員警採取敵對的態度,事後,更有進者,被綁架的人質中有一名女職員克麗斯蕬汀  (Christian)竟然愛上歐陸森並與他訂婚(Hubbard, 1986; McMains & Mullins, 1996)。

這兩名搶匪劫持人質達六天之久,在這期間他們威脅受俘者的性命,但有時也表現出仁慈的一面。在出人意表的心理錯綜轉變下,這四名人質抗拒政府最終營救他們的努力。研究者發現  到這種症候群的例子見諸於各種不同的經驗中,從集中營的囚犯、戰俘、受虐婦女與亂倫的受害者,都可能發生斯德哥爾摩症候群經驗。


斯德哥爾摩症候群(Stockholm  syndrome),又稱為人質情結,是指犯罪的被害者對於犯罪者產生情感,甚至反過來幫助犯罪者的一種情結。據心理學者的研究,情感上會依賴他人且容易  受感動的人,若遇到類似的狀況,很容易產生斯德哥爾摩症候群。 斯德哥爾摩症候群,通常有下列幾項特徵:










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