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Hog and sheep characteristics--that are vulnerable to evil sect 易受邪教蠱惑者的「豬羊特性」

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Hog and sheep characteristics--that are vulnerable to evil sect

Author :Chang Kai-Chi

Since ancient times, there have been many cults. Most of the people who were easily confused were the villagers who have lower levels of educations. Because China’s various ideologies had achieved very early, therefore hundreds of philosophies contended scholar-officials class only memorized the ancestors and not the random deities. In particular, the Emperor Wu (Western Han Dynasty) ruled citizens to follow Confucianism. The intellectuals were incompatible with the ghosts and gods.

However, in recent years, many new religions have used the names under Buddhism, Taoism, New Age, and Tibetan Secrets to confuse the public with all kinds of weird evil miracles.  Their main targets are to recruit believers, accumulate wealth and even seduce men/women. Such criminal scam is horrendous.

Why many of these bewildered believers are also get trapped by these evil sects?

As for the celebrities in the entertainment industry, they will be tempted by the ecological environment. Because the famous and the non-famous would exist major differences, and there is no rule to predictions.  So some entertainers (such as ancient Peking Opera group)  were most likely to be superstitious about believing.

But why they are there so many highly educated intellectuals with considerable socioeconomic status  are so easily tempted to fall into it?

Seems this has little to do with educational , academic level or social status, nor rich or poor, old age, etc. It is related to family customs and religious traditions, personal traits, ignorance about religions and no spiritual concepts in general.  Their mental characteristics are prone the short-cut stuff.

There is folk story as follows,

In the wilderness of northern China, there have always been hunting wolves. Basically, since human own various firearms, wolves are usually not as close to the village as possible. However, in Winter seasons, wolves were not easy to prey. Hungry makes it inevitably ventures into the village to attack poultries and livestocks.

Therefore, there is a folks saying in the north that "wolf invites pigs". Why it does not say "hunt” but instead with “invite"? This is a real mastery of learning to know.

Pig is a kind of livestock that is very easy to nourish. The relationship with human beings is very long. Because pigs don’t run fast, they don’t jump high, their temperament is relatively gentle and omnivorously eats almost everything.  Humans like to raise pigs and the enclosure does not need to  be particularly tall and sturdy.  So why do pigs run away with the cozy place to eat, sleep and no food labor-finding ?

The wolf has spotted these characteristics. So when it is necessary to go to catch pigs, the sly and experienced old wolf would wait after people fall asleep then sneak into the pigsty with one or two wolves waiting outside for preparations. The sneaked wolf will try to accurately bite the tail of the pig with minor pain(all because once the injury is too severe, the pig will scream and inevitably alarm the owner).

Since it is minor pain, the pig instinct will want to escape then  jump out of the pigsty then the waiting wolf will bite the big ears so precisely control these run-away pigs.  Pigs  will not struggle and be obedient to  follow then enter into wolf's den.  Up to this moment, the wolves will no longer be polite. Of course, they will swarm and kill the pigs and eat them.

Let's talk about "cute sheep": which usually means gentle and weak. It can be seen that sheep is a kind of livestock that is very obedient. In Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia, there are large-scale livestock breeding farms. The special "Shepherd Dogs" help manage the flock. Shepherd dogs are more efficient and cost-effective than human management. Usually thousands of sheep, only three or four sheepdogs can help graze because dog runs faster than a person, can quickly cluster the sheep or rush to the right path. Plus the sheep is afraid of the shepherd bites, but also afraid that it’s barking. So naturally sheeps are very obedient.

Why do humans have such a very obedient characteristics similar to "pig and sheep" traits?

Similar to sheep; it is weak in character and has no opinion. It is easily guided by friends or induced by some people.  Or even knowing that it is not right but has no self-confidence.   Or it can only got controlled then accept. And the most important thing is "too gregarious" In the group; never dare to express their opinions, fear to be regarded as a heterogeneous, afraid to be alienated by peers, only stays in the group then find a sense of security and identity.

Similar to pigs although the personality may not be weak and assertive.  But there may be traditional religious beliefs in the family, or the complete ignorance of religion itself, despite the success of the business.  Intimidation from karma of folklore or religion, the reincarnation by punishment, the Christianity about the unbelievers who go to hell, etc.  Since they feel scared; or die the bad deed during fortune gathering then afraid of retribution—this  mentality is the same as "pig is afraid of bitting pain”.

The Buddhism "Qing Tu Zong" ( pursuing the pure Land Paradise  ) in China which had promoted a convenient way for the ignorant public. Anyway, you don't need to think about the Buddhist scriptures or understand at all and you don't have to meditate on the gimmicks—as long as you chant the four words before you die. Amitabha, then you can live in the Western Paradise world.  How cheap is this?

Therefore, many emerging religions, especially cults, are precisely the psychology fit for modern person's "fast mental food". In particular, they have formulated the simplest and most convenient way of faith: as long as people pay for their merits, believe to be saved, support the Master, you can resolve all "causal karma."

Declaring that as long as appreciate Master, praise Master, believe in Master, and support Master—Master will be able to detonate  and write off your karma, which is a similar lie as "Jesus can forgive the sins of the world".  Think about this: can Jesus really forgive your sins? If you steal something in the supermarket, sneakly touch girl on the MRT, slash people on the street, get caught by the police and prepare to face law regulations—you tell Judge that "Jesus can forgive all my crimes". So the police will release You? Will the judge sentence you to acquittal?

According to Buddhism, even Sakyamuni, who is called the boundless mana, can't release the sinfulness of his disciples. How did a master forgive your sin? Can you get relief if you spend money to support? Isn't that the same as the medieval sect of the Roman Catholic Church selling "smuggling vouchers"?

We live in a relative world and there are time factors. Therefore, the "causal law" exists. Everything has antecedents, but the cause and effect are not absolute. Think about it. The fruit farmers in Lishan mountain have painstakingly planted apples or pears. The fruit growers in Lashan planted peaches and in theory they planted their trees. When they reached ripping, there would be harvests. This is an "existing cause." However, suppose that on the eve of the harvest period, a strong typhoon suddenly come. As a result, all the fruits were swept away and there was no harvest at all. What is the "fruit(effect)"? Who can compensate for all their losses? Will there be a god Buddha to compensate them in the afterlife and let them get fairly rewarded ?

Why are so many young intellectuals in Taiwan who are mistaken for evil sects? That is because Taiwan’s political situation has been idle for more than a decade, the economic recession, college graduates salary are 22K per month and young people are “universally hopeless” about the future; the problems of spiritual emptiness and helplessness caused by the emptiness of the mind.  Like trying to catch a straw rope in the ocean for life-saving, that is how they behave blind obedience In the group.

There is no "good and evil difference related karma punishments" in nature. Therefore, spending money is not able to buy any merits, nor can it pardon any crimes. The mentality of "fast food or copying shortcuts", ignorance and misunderstanding of religion and plus randomly believe in "Master"—it is a foolish and deceiving way.

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