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Gong Tau, Widow ghost, Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) 降頭、寡婦鬼、睡眠猝死症

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Gong Tau, Widow ghost, Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS)

Author :Chang Kai-Chi

This is really a creepy "mystery of the century". I have been paying attention to it for at least 20 years, because even some experts in the medical and scientific fields in Europe and America are puzzled and have been helpless. Don't talk about help or save, even the causes are completely ignorant and there were various opinions about it.

About 30 years ago, international transportation became more and more convenient, many people in poor countries in Southeast Asia have traveled to advanced countries in Europe and America to work there. They were "international laborer"! After the increasing number of these "Asian foreign workers", in addition to bringing in some special habits, they also brought in some special beliefs and even special diseases. Among them, there is a kind of horrible fatal illness that makes the hospitals in Europe and America very surprised, because they have never seen such cases, and there were multiple cases happened among Asian workers.

Usually the patient (dead) was originally good-end, strong and healthy, without any obvious disease, no drug abuse, severe alcohol abuse or other bad habits. It was not food poisoning or poisoning. The patient sudden Scream in the middle of the night, then keep gasping, about 5-10 minutes, then he/she will die? ? ?

Unexplained sudden death in such a short time, and it is repeated one after another, even if the autopsy did some pathological research, there was no clue. These sudden mysterious violent deaths were dominated by Thais, and the Thais themselves all think that the deceased was taken down by the Gong Tau, and it is a very serious "Fatal Gong Tau", which was so heart-wrenching. The medical profession in the United States has set a new term for this mysterious and violent illness. --- "Asian immigrants unexpected deaths"!

Shortly after that, at that time I was very fascinated by various spiritual phenomena, when I was looking for information on the "Gong Tau" in Southeast Asia, I happened to see such news.  Because since it is news, the credibility is naturally higher than any ghost Stories, spiritual rumors and hearsay, and even the medical profession of the United States to give specific terms, it is obvious that its authenticity and seriousness must not be underestimated!

However, the research and development stopped at the beginning stage. Without any major discoveries, people were still exploring. This horrible sudden death was still happening.  The more the Thai worker moved, the more such cases happened.

More than 20 years ago, I was also interested in "Gong Tau" and asked some experts. However, is it still true that the " Asian immigrants unexpected deaths " has been caused by a Gong Tau? I can't fully believe that it is true, but I can't find any evidence of the opposite side. So is it really a "mystery of the century" that has always existed in my mind!

As a result, until I recently read a research film about "Sleep and Sudden Death", It solved the mystery that I have been wondering for more than 20 years.

  As early as 1917, the medical journal of the Philippines had a similar case report, called Bangungut (screaming when sleeping suddenly). In the northeast of Thailand, it is called Lai Tai (transliteration is "Lai Tai", which means the death of sleep).

Thais believe that these young men were sleeping, and their souls were taken away by the widow ghost (transliteration as "fairy wheat").

And the deceased are almost all men who are 20--50 years old and strong. Therefore, many young men are afraid of being taken away by widow ghost, so when they sleep, they dress up as women, usually wearing bright salons and wearing women. Bras, even lipsticks, painted blush, posing as a woman to try to get through the widow ghost, this practice has been more than seven or eighty years of history, and this is the most common situation in northern Thailand.  Other than the "widow ghost" story, some people think that they have been cursed by Gong Tau, so these two arguments entangle the fate of many men, so they often go to the temple to worship, pray for gods to bless, or spend money to ask for sorghum To get rid of bad luck, or to buy some Buddha statues with high prices to keep hanging with them, to avoid being caught by widow ghost or being the victim of Gong Tau by bad people.

In fact, this horrible disease is a genetic disorder with arrhythmia. The deceased are all good end, suddenly screaming in their sleep in the middle of the night, and then keep gasping, about 5-10 minutes will die; it is a family genetic disease, and family inheritance. For the worst case, 30% of the male of the big family were dead for this disease. Especially in northern Thailand, a Thai man later married a Belgian woman and became a naturalist in Belgium. The doctors did detailed research and found that the ECG was abnormal. Later, eight cases were found, and all had the same genes. After the publication, it was named "Brugada syndrome" by the doctor.

This condition can cause the ventricular discharge to be abnormal, causing abnormal heart tremors, unable to deliver blood, and all organs fail at the same time. During the episode or some occasional occasions, there will be abnormal continuous bulging lines on the electrocardiogram, such as "Sandfish Fins" (European doctor's statement) or "Locust-foot" (Thai doctor's statement). it is very obvious abnormal lines, even the common people can Identify it. But this kind of illness has nothing to do with diet or any bad habits. It is just a genetic defect. As for the patients are almost all young men, and most of them are Thais or a few Europeans, it is like a color blind is mostly a male. It is also like "Broad bean disease" unique to Hakka people. You can't eat broad beans, or you will die with blood fusion. That is also a genetic lesion.

Current there is no medicine available for this genetic disorder. It can only be "defibrated" by the implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) installed in the chest. However, "ICD" is too expensive, one for $20,000, not affordable for the poor people in northern Thailand.  Some Europeans with the same problems begin to take such surgery, to avoid sudden death during sleeping.

It is perfect answer! Isn’t it? Otherwise, it really makes people and spiritual phenomenon. During the past 20 years and earlier time, genetic research was still underdeveloped. The medical and scientific circles are completely unsolvable and helpless. Of course, many families, relatives, neighbors will think the death associated with the "spiritual phenomenon". A strong young man could die so suddenly, so bizarre, of course, it is hard not to be scared and ask God or ask for religious blessing.

However, the facts can also prove that since it is a genetic disease on the family's genes, then the religious chanting, religious practice, and religious object of dispelling evil spirits are completely ineffective.

In addition to sincerely wishing to discover a more effective and cheaper cure method for this disease as soon as possible, what I want to say is that a big mystery in my heart, even if it is placed for twenty or thirty years, can only be answered if it is persevering to explore and pay attention. The opportunity, although not for me to solve this mystery, but I am still very happy, but also pay tribute to several doctors who solved the big mystery of the century!

It is great to know the answer, but it is even better that we could rise questions at any time!

I believe that there are so many peculiar phenomena in the world that are quite scary and unexplained at first glance. However, maybe we could not find answer for a while. With the development of science and the more research buy human, we will figure out the truth.

I believe that most of the mysteries will have answers after all, so human knowledge will be more and more advanced, and wisdom will accumulate. This will not end.
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『-------早在1917年菲律賓的醫學雜誌已有類似病例報導,稱之為Bangungut(睡眠猝死時尖叫)。在泰國東北部稱之為Lai  Tai(音譯為「萊泰」,意指睡眠之死),認為這些男青年是在睡覺時,他的靈魂被寡婦鬼(音譯為「俾媚麥」)帶走的,而且死者幾乎都是20--50歲身強體健的男子,因此,許多男青年為了怕被寡婦鬼抓走,所以睡覺時男扮女裝,通常會穿上鮮艷的沙龍,戴女性胸罩,甚至塗唇膏畫腮紅,假扮成女人來企圖瞞過寡婦鬼,這種做法已經有七、八十年以上的歷史,而且泰國北部這種情形最多,在泰國被當成「寡婦鬼」作祟之外,或者也有人認為是被人下了降頭,所以,這兩種說法交纏著許多男子的命運,也因此他們經常會去廟宇膜拜,祈求神祇庇佑,或者花錢請高僧誦經作法來驅除厄運,或者花高價買一些佛像辟邪飾物隨身配掛,避免被寡婦鬼找上或被歹人下降頭陷害。---



這種基因病症目前還沒藥醫,只能靠裝置在胸腔內的心律調節器(英文簡稱ICD)在發病時「去顫」, 但是,「ICD」太貴,一具要2萬美元,不是貧窮的泰北民眾人人負擔得起的,倒是一些有相同毛病的歐洲人開始接受這種手術,以免在睡眠中突然發作猝死而枉送一命。』







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