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The man mediated under the Bodhi tree 2,600 years ago 二千六百年前的那棵菩提樹

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The man mediated under the Bodhi tree 2,600 years ago

Author :Chang Kai-Chi


Two thousand six hundred years ago, under a bodhi tree in the "Bodhgaya" of India today, there was a squat-like practitioner who gave up the original hunger and suffering and accepted a deer milk cereal from a shepherdess. Then, sitting cross-legged, set for seven days and seven nights, and finally in the early morning with a bright morning star, he opened his eyes, returned to normal state, slowly stood up, and went to the fellows who practiced with him. Among the five companions, he claimed that himself had " get enlightened " and fully understood the whole truth of the universe.

This person was "Jorda Mo. Siddhartha", the Buddhist leader who was later called "Sakyamuni"!

Has he realized the ultimate truth of the universe?

There is a lot of evidence that his cognition is wrong, or that he still follows the old concepst of obsolescence; he had not completely excluded the basic teachings of Hinduism and the embarrassment of the mainstream philosophical "pessimism" of the six Indian factions.

What is the truth? Don't speculate, or deliberately make up the lie. From all his narratives about self-proclaimed enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, we can clearly see the clues are as follows,

At that time, "Jordama Siddhartha" was in a state of extreme hunger for long time (in various Buddhist classics or legends, he consistently described him suffered  a long period of hunger.  Even There was an exaggerated statue that he was starving and the back touched his chest. But who in the world can survive with only one grain of wheat or one sesame per day? In order to demonstrate his hard-working spirit of perseverance and the will-power with the disciples’ mythological exaggerations-- Sakyamuni’s long-term hunger may be real with a bowl of "Deer milk cereal" was consumed daily. Then he began to mediated for seven days and nights. The body state should be extremely malnourished and weak, this physiological state will inevitably affect the psychological state, and even produces serious hallucinations .

Of course, some people will refute that there were many malnourished refugees and hungry people in the world since ancient times. Why was it that only "Jorda Mosada" can be fully realized?

The answer is also very simple, because almost all refugees and hungry people, no one would bear in mind about the problems of the universe and life, or had complained about the world, want to know why their fate was so tragic? However, they were just a little thought that flashes past, not as painstakingly as "Jodhamo Siddhartha"; therefore, the illusion caused by extreme hunger and malnutrition was not related to the big question of the life of the universe. , but only limited to personal encounters or illusions about food.

So we  would suspect that the so-called "the ultimate truth of the universe" of "Jorda Mossardo" is very likely to be a personal illusion caused by severe malnutrition and extreme hunger. Modern nutrition also proves that excessive hunger does cause hallucinations, especially when the liver glycogen and vitamin B group are extremely deficient, and it is more likely to cause hallucinations.

Then he was in a state of "self-enlightenment", and this was announced to the original five fellow initiates, and they were not allowed to call his real name since; this unaccompanied, self-proclaimed king; dare to declare that he, from the ancient times to the present, there was only one person who has "the only truth in the universe". It is the only one who has "the Sakyamuni". It is really unprecedented. Even today, when technology is so developed, we not only dare not be so self-respecting but because we understand the space of the universe.  The more we feel the smallness of human beings, the more humble we are facing the whole universe. And no one dares to claim that he has "understood the ultimate truth of the universe."

It should be arguable; the older the ancients, the more they know that they know more.  But in fact, they actually know less than the modern people.  Just like "Zhuangzi, Autumn water section" ( See the appendix), like River God saying, I don’t know that the sea is big, but I always think I know enough, even I feel to know it all. At the same time, it turns out that Sakyamuni’s life-long activities were about a tiny glimpse in northeastern India. Because of the inconvenience of transportation and roads at the time, he not only did not travel all over India, he never even saw the sea. The largest water I have ever seen is probably only one of the River Gods.

The "Zhuangzi, Autumn water section" is also answering many people's rebuttals--the simple imagination of the individual cannot be compared with the ultimate truth, just like "river god" did not see the "North Sea" before he saw it. The smugness of the singer, and how is he self-defeating when he sees the sea? It made him realize that purely personal imagination is definitely not enough to know the wider world. Sakyamuni’s "thinking without learning" and "thinking without reflecting", of course, it is impossible to know all India, the whole world, the whole universe!

So when we look back at the historical background of 2,600 years ago, and the process of "Sakyamuni" claiming to be a Buddha; we can be very sure that he is simply feeling good about himself, and he is very self-proud he realized the ultimate truth of the universe. However, of course it is not a fact. If it is not deliberately bragging, it is the illusion of severe malnutrition related enlightenment.

The appendix "Zhuangzi. Autumn's Water Section" vernacular translation": "In the Autumn, the mountain torrents flowed in time and the floods of many huge rivers flowed into the Yellow River. The rivers were wide and rough, and the cattle and horses between the two banks and the water sands could not be distinguished. Then the river god is happy and self-satisfied, thinking that all the beautiful things in the world are gathered here. The river god went to the east along the water, came to the north sea, looked at the east side, could not see the end of the sea. So the river god changed the face of the previous self-satisfaction, facing the sea god and sighed and said: "The saying goes, "I heard hundreds of reasons, I think no one in the world can match myself." It’s people like me. And I’ve heard that Confucius knows too little, and Saint’s high morality is not worthy of attention. I can’t believe it at first. Now I’ve seen you so vast and broad. There is no end to it. If I come to your door, it will be dangerous. I will always be ridiculed by the highly cultivated people."  

sea god said: "The frogs in the well can't talk to them about the sea because they are restricted by the living space. The summer worms can't talk about freezing with them because they are limited by the time of life. They talk about the avenue because of the shackles of education. Now that you come out from the bank of the river and see the sea, you will know your embarrassment, and you will be able to participate in talking about the avenue. There is nothing bigger than the sea in the waters of the world. The river flows to the sea, I don’t know when it will stop, but the sea will never overflow. The tail of the sea leaks the sea, I don’t know when it will stop and the sea has never been reduced; no matter whether it changes in spring or autumn, No water sputum or drought will be conscious.
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