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Strasbourg Notre Dame Cathedral 「史特拉斯堡」聖母院大教堂

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Strasbourg Notre Dame Cathedral

Author :
Chang Kai-Chi

It has the same prestige as the "Notre Dame" in Paris, France. It is a Gothic-style building, a spire and a complex statue, a stained-glass window, and the necessary "flying buttresses" to support the architectural form.

The French genius Hugo once praised the cathedral as a perfect combination of greatness and sophistication. The construction of the cathedral lasted from 1176 to 1439, and for about four centuries, the 142-meter spire of Strasbourg Cathedral made it the tallest building at the time.

On the front of the church built in the thirteenth century, the door arches on the three gates tell the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. The fine carvings look like complex laces. The round window above the central gate look like 16 colored petals spreading out to the sun. The Great Bell Gate to the south of the church is the oldest part of the cathedral. From this door, you will see the most famous astronomical clock in the church. The astronomical clock was created by the Strasbourg mathematician and the Swiss watchmaker together in the 16th century. Because the clock failed during the French Revolution, it was refurbished in 1842 and the celestial operating system was added, as we see today.

This famous Gothic church in Europe, just like the "Notre Dame" in Strasbourg. The famous French writer Hugo once described the church as "gigantic and delicate marvel”.

In 510 AD, it was still a wooden building. With damage in the war, the pink sandstone of the local Foji Mountain was used to rebuild the exquisite appearance as we could see today. In addition to the German style of architecture, the Alsace used French architectural techniques built the 142-meter-high church with cultural influence of France and Germany.

The actual constructing time of the cathedral counted from 1176 to1439 and it took nearly 300 years to complete. There is a one storey high astronomical clock in the church that has been in operation since 1547. For every 15 minutes, one of the four statues of children, youth, adults and the elderly will appear, representing the four stages of life. For every hour there is a death with the axe appear to alarm. It is still accurate today. There will be music played 12:30 pm. It is the spiritual symbol of the Strasbourg Renaissance.

The four dolls of the upper astronomical clock represent the four stages of life: birth, youth, old age, and death. These four dolls are regularly circulating around the Jesus statue. This means that people may die at any time, and nobody can escape. The upper cock will scream as the dolls circulate, which mean the tragedy that Jesus will be betrayed by the disciples. In side of the church, there were several sites worth a visit, including angel clock in front of the astronomical clock, the pulpit in the middle of the church, and the seven stained-glass windows in the north.  In fact, the former Cathedral of the Notre Dame, a Gothic church, is an 11th-century Romanesque church that was rebuilt by the devastating fire, and these seven glasses windows are preserved from the previous church.

While appreciating, we should think deeper about the issues. Why are the famous historical buildings in the world almost all related to religions?

For what reason? Or what motivation can make people voluntarily contribute money to build such a church/temple after another?

Moreover, as long as the temple of religion is getting bigger and bigger, the more it is built, the more corrupt it is.  The more corrupt it is, and less confident people are. When people lose their confidence, these religions are not enriching them self by doctrine/philosophy but do more about the appearance. The church temple is more and more magnificent, the Pope, the bishop, the abbot's clothing will be more and more luxurious.

In a bishop's costume show in a cathedral in Spain, I saw some red cardinal robes of the cardinal, which are so thick/heavy, almost unable to wear for man. Is was made of the most expensive silk, and it was weaved with very complex patterns in pure gold thread. Made with all kinds of jewels, the robe took a few virgin nuns several years to complete.

What about these cardinals? They are wearing such sacred and precious robes, do they really keep their life and serve God with piety?

There have been so many disappointing priests, bishops, and cardinals in history. Some have mistresses and illegitimate children, some are pedophiles!






十三世紀建造的教堂正面,三座大門上的門拱描會著耶穌受難的故事,精細的鏤雕遠看像是繁複的花邊,中央大門上方的玫瑰圓窗,有如16朵彩色花瓣向陽 光施展開來。教堂南邊的大鐘門是整座大教堂中最古老的部份,從這道門一進入,就會看到教堂內最有名的天文鐘。由史特拉斯堡數學家與瑞士鐘錶匠所共同創作的天文鐘,製於十六世紀,因在法國大革命期間發生故障,在1842年為它整修並加上天體運行系統,才成就今日我們所見的面貌。




天文鐘上層轉動的人偶分別代表人生的四個階段:出生、青年、老年、死亡,這些人偶定時從耶穌的面前轉過,所代表的意義是人有可能在任何一個時期死 亡,沒有人可以逃脫;而更上層的公雞會在人偶轉動時嗚叫,寓意是提醒耶穌會被門徒出賣的悲劇。大教堂內值得一看的還有天文鐘前方的天使鐘、教堂中央的布道壇,以及北面的七扇彩繪玻璃窗。事實上,現為哥德式教堂的聖母院大教堂前身,是一座十一世紀的羅馬式教堂,因毀於大火才重建了現在的大教堂,而這七扇玻璃 正是從廢墟中保留下來的珍品。







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