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Born Atheism 天生無神論

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Born Atheism

Author :Chang Kai-Chi

There are so many factions and interpretations about "atheism". Searching on the Internet, those explanations about "atheism" are so many and lead people confused.

In terms of straightforwardness, why it is so complicated?

In fact, all life on earth, including humans, should be all fall under "natural atheism"!

Certainly all species have no religious belief, no worship of any god, no religious rituals, and no concept of "God" except humans.

Only Human beings, regardless of race, birth region, countries, different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and different historical sources, are born with atheism which is essentially from infancy (before the linguistics). It definitely maintains as pure "natural atheism"!

How human beings own religious beliefs (or the acquaintance of "ghosts") is through the " after-birth learning". The immediate influence is from the teachings of family (especially the parents)-- strong indoctrination against from the “Muslim” family of Islamists is one example. Since the “Muslim” family’s belief in Islam is an unbreakable long-standing tradition(as long as the ancestors are “Muslims”, the children and grandchildren must be “Muslims”)-- the parents are "Muslim" then children become "Muslims” naturally.  In short, as long as they are born in a "Muslim" family, they must be "Muslims" in the rest of lifetime. In some areas where Islam is the state religion and once believes in Islam, then it is lifelong matter.  The marriage "traitor" if any of the party does not convert to Islam believer.  In those areas where Islam is believed, parents and fathers may perform so-called "glorious murder" to dispose of their children, even the married son or daughter in-law.

Same situations applies to other religions, including the so-called "Puritans",  Christians and Mormons. In fact, some Buddhism or “Heaven Daoism” believers have similar situations of compulsory child beliefs to force the children follow the parent’s belief.

Of course, we all know that Catholics and Christians will baptize the new born baby, and Islam also asks to name within three days after the baby is born ( whispersat the baby's ear,  call newborn baby’s name and enter into the mosque to become a natural Muslim in his lifetime).

However, these religious rituals basically have no real meaning for all newborns. In any case, babies are still pure "natural atheism", not to mention that these ceremonies cannot guarantee that he will not become "atheists" in the future. Or for any other reason, he/she might convert to other religions.

Plus, some native families may not be convinced of any religion. However, children may be influenced by missionaries or colleagues, friends, lovers, spouses, etc. at any time during their growth, or their own understanding or psychological emptiness. Other factors might be trauma related.

Therefore it could get concluded:  regardless any circumstances, religious beliefs are formed by the day after birth.

Let us look into the topic of "natural atheism":

Assuming that God’s omnipotence and omniscience ( "God created all things in the universe and all life." –from bible)--then why all life on earth is "natural atheism" instead of "naturalism or natural monotheism"?

Is "God" not wanting all life to know "there is God"?

The answer is NO because from the dogma of many religious classics and the preaching of the preachers, "God" is a strict requirement that human beings must believe in "God" and fear "God" and all words and deeds must follow the will of God and the commandments of God.

So why are humans not "born with theology" or "born monotheism"? Seems people must go through the following routes such as family education with traditional religious beliefs, the forced infusion of parents, the mission of the church, or the conquest of the Islamic army or the Crusaders, or the need to believe in religion, or by peers, friends, lovers, or the influence of spouses, etc.  Then some people even have to receive the traumatic stimulation then eventually believe in "there is God"?

The key point is why human beings are not "natural monotheism"? And is there any evidence that the "God" of all religions, especially the "One God" of the "Abraham System", can prove that it does exist?

In the history of mankind, it never shows that "God" does exist, nor proves that "God created all things in the universe and all life."

Although those "innovators" claimed to have seen "God", several classics recorded "God" and "Creationism", but "claimed to see" is only a personal self-talk in classic record and never get proved that "it is true statement". Not to mention those religious classics always are contradictory and full of mistakes.

Therefore, we must think realistically and make a positive conclusion:

"God" does not exist!

There is no "God" in the universe of heaven and earth. Of course, everything in the universe is not created by "God."

A person who does exist, we can all prove its "existence" in various ways. However, a never existing things, human, or "God", is that we cannot prove its existence by any means. .

Of course, religious believers in "theism" will never be convinced. But it is no meaningful let atheism to prove God does not exist.  Instead, only the "believing in theists" should preach or persuade others to prove God exists.

Since there is no "God", how can believers prove it? Their only words are "I believe" and "non- believer will go into hells".

Therefore, human beings are "born atheism" to maintain such a natural state throughout life.

Then is it odd to believe that there is "God" in your life?

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心理上的需求,创造了各类的“神”。就像那句话,我相信他有,他就有。所以信仰真不是可以用理智来解释,而无神论者永远无法和“宗教徒”理智讨论这个问题一样。 如果这个人装睡,我们是永远无法叫醒他的。
只是 觉着有一些被蒙蔽的,时空点没到,也一样没法使其明白,明白了,也无法在生活里脱离出来原来的窠臼。就好像那句话“理可顿悟事必渐修”,反反复复反而是好事。。。有感于《天生无神论》
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