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“Communicating with alien human” is total crap 通「外星人」是神棍胡扯

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“Communicating with alien human” is total crap

Author :
Chang Kai-Chi

Some swindlers claim they have super powers to communicate with “alien human”.

I have said for a long time that there is no "alien human". If there is, it should be called "extraordinary intelligent life", which can be referred to as "alien intelligence life".

Because "human" is a proper noun, it is also a special noun. For other monkey orangutans of the same primate, even they can wear suits and tie shoes, can smoke cigars and drink cola with a straw, can count, they still cannot be called human.

Under reasonable logical reasoning, it is not unusual for any planet outside the Earth to have a creature, or to have an "extraordinary life of high intelligence." No, it is not surprise. However, in any case, they are not "human". If someone claims alien as human, the first essential is wrong. even such a simple logic is not clear, how could they communicate with alien?

Don't let the "extraordinary high intelligence life" laugh the earth people are as stupid as this nonsense guys who claim be able to communicate with alien, okay? If there is alien intelligence life, why do they care about earth people’s fate, good or bad.

Let’s use “foreigner” to replace these “alien human” in these swindler’s words.

It doesn't have to be as far as hundreds of tens of millions of light years (even if you can successfully use light speed to communicate, can these psychic questions and answers be able to pass in time?), So let’s use foreigner to replace “alien human”, which make the case simpler.

While someone is looking for help from these swindlers, most of the question is about personal troubles, such as “losing job”, “broke up with bf/gf”, “personal financial problem”, “cancer” and “husband has the other woman”.
All right, these swindlers claim that they could talk to foreigners, then will following events happen to help your personal troubles?

Will Obama in the United States specifically hire you to take care of the big lawn in the White House and reward you with a legitimate career?

Will Russian Putin send a beautiful and gentle lady to you as a lover?

Will German Chancellor Merkel send a million euros to solve your financial problems?

Will Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe send a medical special plane to a group of dream medical teams to treat your cancer/illness?

Will North Korea’s Kim Jong-un send a special force to help track the other woman, or even get rid of her directly?

I guess all the answer are just NO! Let’s think in another way:

Greece has a serious European debt crisis. A chef jumped out of the building because of unemployment. The wife and children in the family were in trouble. Does the Taiwanese people have the will to donated to him? Or fly to Greece to help his family?

A farmer in Libya, Africa, is crying sadly because an old cow that his family has been living for has died. Will someone in Taiwan donate money to buy another cow?

There is a Dalit girl in India who will be sold to a brothel by a trafficker. Will anyone in Taiwan make a special trip to rescue, or even set up a "just organization" to rescue her from the traffickers?

Even the people in same planet cannot help people in another country, how could you expect some aliens will care about people/thing in the Earth?  How could alien care a tiny man, in a far planet called Earth, and other tedious things of that man, such as money, health, and luck?

Why do these "extraordinary life of high intelligence " have to be responsive to someone in the Earth all year round, 24 hours a day to care something happening in the Earth? “Communicate with alien human” is total bullshit. The truth is that these swindlers want the money in your pocket.

“Alien Human” is just these swindlers’ trick.

It is stupid to believe “Communicate with Alien Human.” Stupid people has been food for "bastard" since ancient times. It is very natural and there is nothing worth sympathizing with!






























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