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A chaotic world, the scam of wizardry 「唯恐天下不魔」-「魔法鬼話」

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A chaotic world, the scam of wizardry

Author :
Chang Kai-Chi

Have you watched the movie "X-Men"? which is about some people with different super powers, called "mutant people", and the secret "variant" schools. It just like the wizardry school. Lots of people believe this world is chaotic, and they even believe the movie “Inception” is true. Some people choose to believe it because that make them feel great!  

That's just science fiction. In real life, they will emphasize that it is true, they will try to make you believe that you are a mutant, God has a plan to give you.  The people on earth are stupid, they don't believe you, so you will Excluded. You must be convinced that you have a mission, so you must practice wizardry. When the time is right, all the special people will appear at the same time and become a powerful group.

The catastrophe such as Earth 2012 is about to happen, because God has predicted that. It is unfortunate that humans on Earth are still ignorant.  In order to save mankind, God has assigned task to talents and you are one of those chosen by God. You have to pay very expensive tuition to learn these magic courses one by one. You must believe that you are a mutant/special, and don't bother to ridicule from stupid ignorant people around. The Platform Nine and Three-Quarters does exist. The Hogwarts School of Magic is also Real. Don't pay attention to those ignorant people. As long as you learned to hypnotize and manipulate dreams, you can also invade and control other people's dreams and subconscious, just like the movie "inception".

But you must come to class. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After you miss it, you will slowly lose power and become a Muggle.

Much like a Ponzi scheme, the learned person knows the scam and then goes back to lie to other people in order to get back and even earn more. The most ridiculous thing is that you can use all the message related to magical/power to prove that your magic is true, even if it is just a novel movie or even a magic plot. In fact, magic has always been a misunderstanding of human beings. After the astrology, it developed into astronomy. The alchemist has evolved into chemistry.  Magical herbs, just like Chinese herbal medicines, has been unveiled.

However, wizardry has prevailed in Europe for at least a thousand years. After the European Religious Court's "Great Hunting" era, magical wizardry became a taboo that no one dared to touch, so there was a gap. Now the Holy See has removed the ban on wizardry. As a result, some people have old books, and the “knowledge” is wrapped up to sell to the modern people.

There are geeks, no mutants, and God can't save the earth's natural disasters. God has no plans to give task to anyone. But “wizardry school” have a big plan to make money from you. If you believe what they said, believe that you are the chosen one, and feel great about that. Then they have a plan to make you pay high tuition fees step by step. Of course, the disaster will not come. The mutants on the earth have no great unity to show the super powers.

If you are disappointed or doubtful, the wizardry school has the answer ready: “Because of the efforts of all the mutants who believed in God, everyone's pray has solved the catastrophe of the earth. God has made the disaster invisible. However, the earth disaster is not limited to this, and there are more upcoming. Don't worry, God has his plan, you will definitely get yours, all the mutants must unite and work hard to cultivate wizardry and super power.”

God is not to lie to you. You need have faith in God, have confidence in your wizardry teacher, have more confidence in yourself. You are selected!













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